Redefining Superior Sound

We are offering Lifestyle Audio solutions that best meet consumer needs by combining premium audio technology with industry-first features for more seamless and personalized listening experiences in the home,on the go and for all everyday activities.


With 60+ years of deep expertise in acoustic design,tuning and signal processing,HARMAN is leading the way in elevating the entire in-cabin listening experience..

More than 50 million automobiles on the road today are equipped with HARMAN audio and infotainment systems,making up for 35 percent of the world's cars..

Automotive Brands


Laptops,tablets and smartphones have revolutionized our lives,changing the way many of us spend our time,as well as where and how we listen to our music..

And like all revolutions involving audio,HARMAN has led the way.With award-winning self-powered speaker designs that bring movies,video games or music to life,HARMAN offers market leading personal audio solutions..


HARMAN brands enable you to take your music with you all the time..

With our world-renowned headphone line-up of in-ear,on-ear,over-ear and sports-headphones you can enjoy music no matter where you are or what you are doing.Noise cancellation and latest audio technologies such as TruNote enable the best possible listening experience..


HARMAN takes the listening experience at home to a new level and lets you enjoy beautiful sound from room to room wirelessly..

With unrivaled sound quality,simple wireless setup and complete app control,your music never stops..


HARMAN brands have been introducing important 英国威廉希尔中文网innovations in home entertainment for more than 50 years,and we continue to develop new ways of further enriching the experience..

From state-of-the-art surround sound systems to progressive-scan DVD and Blu-ray players and whole-house audio systems,HARMAN is dedicated to raising home entertainment to ever-higher levels of technical sophistication and ease of use..


HARMAN's brands manufacture a huge array of premium-quality loudspeakers for the home..

These speaker lines include models designed for two-channel stereo and multichannel surround sound applications in a wide range of choices.These include floorstanding,bookshelf,powered,low-frequency,in-wall,wireless and all-weather models,in a number of premium styles and finishes,ranging from high-gloss lacquers to genuine wood veneers..


HARMAN Embedded Audio provides audio and voice solutions for Consumer Electronics,IOT,Enterprise,and Robotics applications..

We embed leading-edge HARMAN technologies into a wide variety of 威廉希尔官网products around the globe.Our areas of expertise include:

  • Audio/Voice System Design,Testing,& Validation
  • Far Field Voice Input Technology
  • Audio and Voice Software
  • Co-Branding & In-box Accessories


HARMAN brands have long been known as manufacturers of audio equipment..

Take a look inside at some of the advanced HARMAN software technologies that help create these amazing lifestyle experiences..

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Lifestyle Audio

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About Lifestyle Audio

HARMAN's legendary brands have been introducing important 英国威廉希尔中文网innovations in audio for more than 50 years,and we continue to further develop new ways of enriching the audio/visual experience..

From state-of-the-art surround sound systems in the home to in-car audio to market leading headphones,HARMAN is delivering premium audio experiences in the home and on the go..

Design Story

Getting the design exactly right is part of the HARMAN credo.It is integral to ensuring that each of our 威廉希尔官网products is a consistent,compelling reflection of the values you would expect from HARMAN brands: excellent performance,英国威廉希尔中文网innovation and advanced technology,complemented by perfect styling.Marking excellence in 英国威廉希尔中文网innovation and design,our leading brands consistently receive industry recognition for their 威廉希尔官网products..